The Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin is celebrating a Joyful January in 2021 by creating structure to engage, create, and connect with the passions that bring us purpose and joy!


Joyful January is a project honoring the depth of passion in the autism community.  Do you have a “special interest”? Great! We want to hear about it! Are you still exploring your interests and hobbies? That’s great too, we’ll provide ideas for discovering what brings you joy.


January can be a difficult month any year. After months of altered lifestyles, cancelled events, and continued uncertainty, January of 2021 might be especially difficult. It’s more important than ever to connect with what brings us joy and purpose. The goal of this project is to spark joy, re-discover new and old passions, and foster overall well-being.


Individuals with autism, families, classrooms, community clubs/groups, anyone interested in adding more joy to their January! We welcome the varied interests of our community while asking that all discussions/submissions remain appropriate for all ages.


We will provide ideas. You can participate in the way that works for you and use the ideas that inspire you. If participating in a whole month dedicated to joy feels overwhelming, take it a small step at a time. Signing up to participate gives you access to the list below.

Access to our Joyful January Facebook Group

Weekly emails with inspiration, highlights, and updates

Joyful January Calendar - Ideas to Keep you Engaged, Creating, and Connecting!

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