Minecraft Realms

Hosted by the Autism Society of Central Wisconsin

Kids – Survival (ages 8-17)  |  Adult – Survival (ages 18+)

To join, please send an email to ascw.minecraft@gmail.com stating which realm you would like to join (kids or adult). You will then receive an invitation with an access code.

For questions, please contact: ascw.minecraft@gmail.com

With the June 8th Minecraft Java edition for PC update we now have Adult and Kids groups available in the realms.
Realms will be available 24/7 once a player has received an invite to a realm. While this means play won’t be supervised at all times; it will be private to Autism Society players only and separated by 8-17 and 18+ age groups. Also content in builds will be reviewed weekly. If a player/parent spots something upsetting they can email ascw.minecraft@gmail.com and it will be looked into within 48 hours.
We will have 2 realms available to start with; Kids- survival and Adult- survival
If a parent/player is looking for access to the realms they can email ascw.minecraft@gmail.com. This is monitored by the host who can send the invites within 48 hours. Once a person is invited to the realms they will have access ongoing.
The limit on players for a realm is 10 players max at a time, but since it is available 24/7 we don’t anticipate this to cause an issue.
When players 13yrs or older are on Minecraft they can also use the Autism Society discord channel to chat by voice or text. When a player/parent logs into discord they follow the verification which does include separating the members into kids vs adults. https://discord.gg/m7GMsHcM8B