Change for Autism
Change for Autism is a campaign through the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin designed to encourage stakeholders to create meaningful change for people with autism in our schools and communities. Whether you’re part of a group, business, school and/or a passionate individual hoping to ignite change, there is a place for you within the Change for Autism campaign!

With 1 in 59 children identified with autism, it’s critical that our communities understand autism in order to provide meaningful support for individuals with autism and their families.

A National Organization on Disability survey reported that individuals with disabilities feel more isolated and participated in fewer community activities than those without disabilities. Similarly, a lack of community understanding and inclusion was revealed as the 3rd biggest challenge experienced by those affected by autism that participated in a recent Wisconsin Autism Society survey. Many individuals with autism and their caregivers reported feeling misunderstood and not feeling included or welcome at school or community activities.

Together, we can create change for individuals and families affected by autism by increasing community understanding and support!

Ways to get involved:

We would love for your school to join our Change for Autism campaign this April! The campaign is both an autism awareness building campaign and a coin drive fundraiser for the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin. We encourage schools to customize the campaign to fit their unique needs.

Schools that join the campaign will receive an awareness building toolkit including some of the following materials (customized based on grade levels):

  • Organization for Autism Research (OAR) Kit for Kids Resources
    • Access to Autism Tuned In (Animated Videos and Student Activities)
    • What’s Up with Nick? Peer Education Foldout books
    • What’s Up with Nick? Peer Education Lesson
    • Kids with Autism Might… Poster
  • OAR’s An Educator’s Guide to Autism book
  • Sesame Street’s See Amazing 1-2-3 books
  • Change for Autism Poster Series
  • Change for Autism Jar Labels
  • “Just Like You” video link and discussion questions
  • Sample letter home explaining the campaign

Before signing up, check to make sure you’re located within our 53 county service area here.

After you sign up, we’ll send a confirmation email including electronic resources to get you started. Printed resources will be mailed shortly after. From there, you can use the tools provided, make a plan to build awareness, and start spreading the word! Keep us updated with stories and photos so we can highlight your school/business on our website and newsletter.

The school that raises the most money will win parties for the top 3 classrooms. Classrooms can choose between a pizza party, ice cream party, donuts & chocolate milk, a movie and popcorn or any other food/beverage.

All participating schools/businesses will be entered in a drawing to win two free registrations to an Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin Conference.

Contact the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin to learn about how you can create sensory friendly environments or make your business more welcoming to individuals and families affected by autism.

Businesses can also consider supporting the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin this April by collecting spare change through the Change for Autism campaign or hosting a jean day to raise money to support our programs and services. The Change for Autism Coin Drive takes place during the month of April. Sign up is below.

Share your experiences to raise awareness and support others:

  • What do you wish others knew about autism? Share your thoughts in our survey to be included in our social media awareness campaign.
  • Make a donation to the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin to support our ongoing programs and services.
Talk About Autism

Together we can help our communities understand autism and create inclusive opportunities to make everyone feel welcome. Please join our Change for Autism campaign this April to create change in your local community.