Meet the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin’s Newest Board Members

The Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin is thrilled to announce the addition of three new board members. Joining the board of directors is Brittany Cahill, licensed Supervisor with Milestones Behavioral Pediatrics, Alex Gloudemans, Manager of Retail Pharmacy Operations at ThedaCare, and Gail Wilke, a Special Education professional with over 30 years of experience in public schools.

“The Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin seeks to diversify the experience of our Board of Directors. We are proud to welcome three passionate community members with a range of knowledge and background within the Autism community,” says Kirsten Cooper, executive director. “Brittany, Alex, and Gail each bring unique perspectives to ASGW and we’re excited to welcome them to the team.”

Brittany Cahill

Nearing her 1st anniversary with the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin, Brittany Cahill joined the board in April 2022. Brittany brings over 10 years of experience in working with children with Autism and providing client-centered support. Cahill says “I have seen the success that can be achieved when clients are able to access the resources they need. I have also seen the difficulties that can arise when trying to access beneficial resources. I feel strongly that increasing advocacy and access to resources will only benefit the lives of individuals in the autism community and is a key piece to doing so.” As an energetic and caring member of our board, we anticipate the great work Brittany will do for the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin moving forward.

Alex Gloudemans

Alex Gloudemans is joining the board as the parent of 3 children, the oldest of whom is autistic. Alex and his wife strive to normalize parenthood of children with disabilities. He shares “my hope is that autistic people and their families do not feel like they have to hide, but rather that they feel welcomed and accepted by their peers, schools, and communities. I also hope parents feel like they have the tools needed to best prepare their child(ren) on the spectrum for success.” Outside of parenting, Alex is passionate about improving medication access and adherence in his role with pharmacy operations at ThedaCare. “I have a particular interest in…assisting special needs families in their health care needs and working to determine what resources they have at their disposal, from insurance, to county, to healthcare organizations, and beyond.” Alex officially joined the board in October 2022.

Gail Wilke

ASGW’s newest board member, Gail Wilke, has attended and presented at the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin’s Annual Conference numerous times. Gail has also been involved with the Northeast Wisconsin affiliate and the Autism Society of America as a parent and educator. Gail shares, “”Empowering everyone in the Autism Community with the resources to live fully…” is something I have been dedicated to all of my life.” She has dedicated her time to equitable opportunities for autistic individuals and their families as a parent of an autistic child. Further, Gail served as a special education teacher at the secondary level and program support teacher and coordinator specializing in support for autistic students. Especially passionate about advocacy within the public school system, Gail is an established advocate and speaker regarding these subjects. She also enjoys connecting with families to help them celebrate the strengths of their child.

Thank you to these three individuals for volunteering their time and effort to work towards the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin’s vision: creating a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need, when they need it.

With such passionate individuals behind our organization, the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin is poised to have a successful year serving and supporting the Autism community across Greater Wisconsin. 

Learn more about our entire board of directors or find information about how to join the board yourself here.

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